Taskstream by Watermark

Starting in the 2019-2020 school year. Wisconsin Lutheran College will be utilizing the Taskstream LAT tool in conjunction with the General Education program at the college.

Taskstream allows programs to create a "Directed Response Folio" (DRF) that will assist in assessing student progress while giving students the opportunity to highlight exceptional work done across the curriculum.

Some of the LAT highlights include:

  1. The ability to utilize multiple evaluators to score student submissions.
  2. Easily track overall scores and progress.
  3. Allow students to submit in a wide variety of formats.
  4. Make scoring easy through the use of forms and rubrics.
WLC General Education Portfolio in Watermark (Taskstream LAT)

Taskstream LAT Overview

This video gives a 30,000 ft overview of the Taskstream Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) program. It is designed to be used as a Directed Response Folio (DRF) and could be very useful to any program looking to use student portfolios as part of their assessment process.

Beginning in 2019-2020, all new students (Freshman and Transfers) will have access to the following program. If you are interested in using it, please connect with Joshua Johnson in the Instructional Design Center to learn what it can do and how to get started.